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Unlock Your Macro Type - Supplement Exercise Guide

Unlock Your Macro Type - Supplement Exercise Guide
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Unlock Your Macro Type - Supplement Exercise Guide

This Supplement Exercise Guide are ONLY for customers who have purchased the Unlock Your Macro Type Book.

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Please save a permanent copy of the pdf file onto your computer device, iBook's, Google drive, or Dropbox for future access. You can also get them printed out at Kinko’s, Staples, or Office Max if you so desire.

Customer Reviews

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Elissa Cardi

It’s only been 14days and I already see results in my body and strength. Can’t wait to see what it’ll be after 3months!!

Kathleen Rege
Giving it a try

The workout looks good, just starting to give it a go. It would be better if the exercises listed in the appendix were in alphabetical order!

Great info, especially for those new to Macros.

This book has confirmed a lot of what I have been learning over many years of dieting, exercising, working with dietitians, and feeling starving all the time: I need to throw out the window the idea that anything but a low sugar/starch, low fat and high protein diet is healthy and workable. This book explains a lot about those tall, thin people that eat whatever they want, and don’t seem to gain weight, have cravings, or even much interest in food.

I’ve tried every diet and calorie restriction under the sun, and while they may work for a while, it’s always unsustainable, and leaves me HANGRY and anxious. Keto-ish diets have helped me lose weight and body fat, but were unsustainable long-term, and I did not always feel well. I have been trying to implement the Type 4 high fat, moderate protein, and lower-but-not-keto macros, along with a high-fat coffee breakfast, and I admit, I am a lot less hungry, stressed about food, or preoccupied with it. High-fat keeps me even keeled, and I focus on healthy fats only, instead of the free for all. I’m working into getting my calories inline, and hope to restart weight training after a long break. The quizzes indicate I’m a strong Type 5, but I don’t feel my response to carbs is anything as extreme as described, so I’m trying to do type 4, and if I end up eating more like Type 5, that’s okay too on some days.

I do feel a physical book would be better than Audible if you can, because certain sections don’t apply, once you’ve got an understanding of your body type and carbohydrate response, and it would be easier to skip around and go back, more like a textbook.

I wish the book would explain more clearly whether the carbs I am counting are ALL carbs or NET carbs after subtracting fiber, sugar alcohols, etc. I also find I have extra calories outside my macros because of this, and alcohol, so I’m unsure how to track this. I use CarbManager tracking app and I love it for any kind of diet you’d like to do, the free version is fine.

Many thanks for this resource!

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