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Are there plans specifically for men?
Yes, we have “Do it yourself” meal plans and also customizable meal plans for men. We can help men who would like to gain weight in a healthy way and also men who would like to lose weight. You will find our DIY options in the "PROGRAMS" category.

Is there an age requirement?
Gauge Girl Training is available for everyone as long you are 18 years of age or older.

What is the Refund Policy?
Please READ our Refund Policy at the bottom of the web page

Are you a doctor?
I am not a doctor nor do I claim to have any formal medical background. I am not liable, either expressly or in an implied manner, nor claim any responsibility for any emotional or physical problems that may occur directly or indirectly from using this meal plan. Please check with your doctor before beginning any new diet program.

Is food included?
No. Depending on your purchase, whether it's customized meal plans or DIY plans, all food is bought separately. Nothing will be shipped to you.

Are the supplements included in the purchase of the meal plans?
No. You can still get started by finding a whey protein powder that you can purchase with our sister company, Gauge Life -

Can changes be made to the custom meal plan after purchasing it?
The questionnaire is intended to help us get a fully comprehensive picture of your lifestyle, nutrition, and training needs. If after you completed your questionnaire and made a mistake upon submission, please email us ASAP at 

If you purchased an online program with coaching, your custom meal plan can be adjusted as needed for your goals.

As you receive your custom plan(s), please be sure to save it on your hard drive as it will only be stored in our database for the duration of your program.

Once delivered, they are yours. We recommend printing them off while you have access. It's automatically purged from our system after 60 days. Once they are purged, unfortunately, the file(s) is/are unrecoverable. 

There is not a Whole Foods or Trader Joe's near me. Will this be a problem? 

No. While Trader Joes and Whole Foods have tons of healthy options, so does any basic grocery store! You can find items similar to the ones sold at Trader Joes and Whole Foods at any grocery store.

Will I still be able to grocery shop on a low budget?
Yes. We can customize your meal plan to make it budget friendly. I have specific allergies.

Will you be able to accommodate them?
Yes. Your meal plan can be customized to be paleo, vegan, pescatarian, vegetarian, gluten-free, lactose-free, soy-free, nut-free, seafood-free and any other allergies you may have. I am a very picky eater.

Will this be a problem?
No. We can replace what you do not like with foods of the same nature that you do like. Be sure to list any foods you DO NOT like in the questionnaire. If the food is not listed, then we will assume that it is okay to include in your meal plan. I work shift work, so my schedule is not consistent.

Can the custom plan still be tailored to my schedule?
Yes. We’ll give you clean concise meal timing to benefit you and accommodate your changing schedule. How much time will I need to set aside for meal prepping? If you are meal prepping for convenience then about 2 hours on the weekend should be enough time to prep for an entire week. If you are meal prepping for variety, you will have to prep a few times during the week too.

Will I need a Personal Trainer?
No. There is a guide with pictures on each training plan to show you how to do each exercise listed. If you have never exercised before and are still unsure on how to do each exercise, it may be a good idea for added help to get a personal trainer for the first week, but it is definitely not necessary.

Can I still do a custom training plan if I was recently injured?
Yes. We will adjust your training plan to accommodate your limitations. I want to look like a bikini competitor, but don’t want to compete.

If you purchased an online program with coaching, it can be adjusted as needed for your goals.

CUSTOM MEAL PLAN - Why are there only 5 days of meals?

These are 4 menus, not "days”. The meal plan is intended to be followed by taking a menu and prepping it for a few days at a time. It is not practical for most people to cook every day.

How should I measure the food?

This is stated under the “Food Description” column of your menu. Items listed as “dry” or “raw” are to be measured uncooked. Items listed as cooked are to be measured cooked.

 What if I'm NOT hungry?

For some, there is an initial adjustment to get used to the total volume of food. Your training intensity should be sufficient so that your body feels as though it needs all the food. The idea is to keep you full of nutrient dense food so that you do not binge on junk foods. Some of you may have been under eating and not taking in enough calories to support an efficient metabolism. This will improve with time. Do your best to hit your macros. If you can't eat all the food, prioritize hitting your protein and go lighter on carbs and fat.

What if I'm ALWAYS hungry?

Keep in mind that hunger may be confused with many different feelings such as stress, sadness, boredom, tiredness, etc. Even dehydration can be misconstrued as hunger. There can be an initial withdrawal phase that can last anywhere from a few days to a week if you have been used to overeating processed foods, binge drinking, and eating whatever you want whenever you feel like it. Remember, it is mind over matter. Rest assured; it does get easier with time. It is suggested to opt for higher volume carbohydrates like squash as opposed to dense ones like rice to feel fuller if on a lower fat plan. You may also take advantage of your free foods list to add volume to your meals or snacks. You may add a small snack and allow your body 30 minutes for digestion IF you are experiencing true physical signs of extreme hunger such as headaches, light-headedness, shakiness, or muscle weakness. For those on conventional macro ratios, this snack may be half a cup of berries or a small piece of fruit. For those on LCHF (low carb, high fat) or keto macro ratios, this snack may be half an ounce of nuts or cheese.

What do I do if I don’t have the brand listed?

You may use an alternative brand that contains similar macros.

Can I add seasonings?

Yes, within reason. Just keep in mind that even seasonings like garlic and cinnamon have macros and can add up when used too liberally. You need to be aware of this especially if you are on a LCHF (low carb, high fat) or keto program so you do not go over your carb allotment. In addition, the Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommends limiting sodium intake to 2,300 mg a day. This is equal to about 1 teaspoon of salt. If you are on a keto plan, however, your body will likely require more.


Can I make substitutions?

Yes, provided you stay within your macros for the day, you can make substitutions. However, if you are brand new to this way of eating, it is advised to minimize the substitutions at first until you become more familiar with understanding the macro breakdown of certain foods, as well as gauging portions. Moreover, it would be better to start with simple substitutions like one protein source for another, one vegetable for another, or one starch for another if you are just getting started.

What if I don't meal prep?

If you do not plan ahead or meal prep, you are required to follow an "if it fits your macros" (IIFYM) approach for your daily food intake. It is suggested to use a macro tracking app, like MyFitnessPal, where you add each food you consume and track where you are versus your daily macronutrient goals.

 I’m logging all my custom meals as written in my plan on MyFitnessPal, but why are the macros different?

MyFitnessPal contains user-generated information as do most nutrition tracking apps. This means that any user can log in and add information. As a result, the information may not always be accurate. We assure you that the nutrient content of the items in your meal plan has been highly researched. Furthermore, if you are following your meal plan exactly as written, it is redundant and therefore unnecessary to use a nutrition tracking app. However, if you are substituting and using more of an “if it fits your macros" (IIFYM) approach, logging your food into MyFitnessPal can be quite helpful.

 Can I drink alcohol?

There is a 100% strict no alcohol policy while on this program. Alcohol provides no nutritional value and prevents clients from reaching their goals. One drink turns into several very quickly. If this is hard, try switching over to hot tea when you would normally drink alcohol at home. For going out, stick to club soda and lime, water, coffee, tea, diet beverages, or sugar free red bull. Once you have reached your physique goal, Gauge Girl Training® can create a customized maintenance program for you that includes organic red wine. However, for this program, alcohol is a no-go.

Can I have tea &/or coffee?

Yes, both are encouraged. Coffee should be black without added cream, sugar, or flavor additives unless otherwise stated in your plan. If you are new to black coffee, it is recommended to freshly grind whole coffee beans and use a French press for a cleaner, higher quality cup of coffee. Economical, yet high quality coffee can be found at Trader Joes or at your local roastery. It is suggested to dilute your coffee with an equivalent portion of hot or cold water if you use creamer as a diluent. Acceptable sweeteners include monk fruit or stevia. When choosing tea, read labels to be sure there are no added sugars. 

Can I have "free" foods?

Yes! There are certain foods that you can freely add to this meal plan without tracking. We include free foods so that you have a healthy alternative to unhealthy snacks. These snacks are low in calories and most are high in fiber. This will help increase your level of fullness and help you stay on track with your goals. You can freely consume any of the following foods* on your meal plan:




Mixed Greens*

Dill Pickles


Bell Peppers





Black Coffee*

Sparkling Water*


Light Spray of Olive Oil*

Can I have cheat meals during my custom meal program? 

You are allowed ONE weekly cheat meal AFTER 21 days, provided you have been compliant with your plan. This weekly cheat meal is one meal — not a cheat day, not a cheat weekend — a cheat MEAL. This meal is to be planned and looked forward to. You can have whatever you want for this single meal in terms of food, but it must be one plate, not an all you can eat buffet. If you want a burger and fries, have it, enjoy it, and then be done with it.  If you enjoy dessert or appetizers, have one or the other instead of both. Of course, if you are on a keto plan, keep your cheat meal within those parameters.

Do I need to take protein supplements?

It is not necessary to take a protein supplement; however, it is a convenient and economical way to hit your protein macros on a daily basis. We encourage you to visit our sister company, Gauge Life for supplements:

What if I work out at a different time of day?

If you work out at a different time of day, all you need to do is shift your post-workout meal to after your weight training.

 Should I do cardio or weight training first?

It is recommended to do weight training before cardio. When weight training is done first, you have more energy to lift heavier. You also burn off any excess glycogen which will allow you to reach a fat burning state more quickly during cardio.

 What do I do if I mess up?

If you fall off track during your program, you do NOT need to "reset" with a detox or tons of exercise. Simply pick up where you left off and get back on track. Don’t dwell on past mistakes but do learn from them. Focus your energy on building good habits, rather than punishing yourself, while making continuous progress towards your goals. No one is perfect and we all make mistakes. Be gentle with yourself and keep moving forward!

 What do I do once I have reached my physique goals?

Once you have reached you physique goals, you are ready for maintenance level macros. This entails eating at a caloric level equal to your TDEE (Total Daily Energy Expenditure). You will want to increase your macros slowly to avoid weight gain. For guidance in doing so, we recommend purchasing a macro consultation or a new custom plan.


How do I access my store account?

1. Website:

2. Click the person icon. <see picture> 

3. Create a new account using the email address you used for your original GGT account
4. Go to your email to confirm account. 
5. Click “activate account” within email to be directed to the site login page. Login.


First and foremost, this has to be done from your computer and not on mobile.


Once you click on the link to download, the file will automatically go to your downloads folder. 

The link is a zip.file. 

To open the zip.file, simply right click on the file > click Extract All...

After extracted, you will then have access to the files of your purchase 


Once you click on the link to download, the file will automatically go to your downloads folder. 

The link is a zip.file.

To open a zip.file on Mac you just DOUBLE CLICK IT

Once extracted and accessed from your computer, you can then send it to yourself to access from your mobile device.

Lastly, it is important saving a permanent copy of the pdf file onto your computer device, iBook's, Google drive, or Dropbox for future access. You can also get them printed out at Kinko’s, Staples, or Office Max if you so desire. 


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