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Macro Type #2 For Nursing Mothers - Protein Fueled

Macro Type #2 For Nursing Mothers - Protein Fueled
Macro Type #2 For Nursing Mothers - Protein Fueled
Macro Type #2 For Nursing Mothers - Protein Fueled
Macro Type #2 For Nursing Mothers - Protein Fueled
Macro Type #2 For Nursing Mothers - Protein Fueled
Macro Type #2 For Nursing Mothers - Protein Fueled
Macro Type #2 For Nursing Mothers - Protein Fueled
Macro Type #2 For Nursing Mothers - Protein Fueled
Macro Type #2 For Nursing Mothers - Protein Fueled
Macro Type #2 For Nursing Mothers - Protein Fueled
Macro Type #2 For Nursing Mothers - Protein Fueled
Macro Type #2 For Nursing Mothers - Protein Fueled
Macro Type #2 For Nursing Mothers - Protein Fueled
Macro Type #2 For Nursing Mothers - Protein Fueled
Macro Type #2 For Nursing Mothers - Protein Fueled
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The 6WeekShred® for your macro type is a new and improved do it yourself meal plan. This program was based off of calculations to support healthy lactation of 20 oz. of breast milk per day while supporting fat loss. It is important that you first take the quiz to confirm your correct macro type before processing your order.
The program macros work well for 80-90% of people with 25 lbs or less to lose or for those who want a jump start. There are instructions on how to adjust the macros to your personalized needs if required; however, most people can follow it as written and do very well. This plan was written for those with a BMR in the range of 1400 to 1700 for women but can serve as a jumpstart if yours is higher and has detailed instructions on how to adjust if your BMR falls outside of this range. 

This program also provides meal planning calendars, detailed grocery lists, recipes, meal prep notes for every meal, community support, a substitution guide, and all of the tools necessary to support a lifestyle change.
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(MACRO TYPE #2) Protein Fueled

This way of eating is typically associated with the fitness competitor and bodybuilder nutrition strategies. It tends to be high in protein, lower in fat, and moderate in carbs. This is the approach many celebrities follow, from Instagram fitness models to people like J. Lo and The Rock. If you fit the protein-fueled macro type, you function best when a larger portion of your calories come from protein. Why is protein such a game-changer for you? Protein is the only macronutrient that contains nitrogen. Shifting the body towards a positive nitrogen balance supports greater fat loss.

This approach is excellent for those with a healthy metabolism, moderate carb tolerance, and normal hormonal function who are looking to obtain a toned physique while reducing body fat. For those seeking a physique that is more muscular without being bulky, for women who want a fit yet feminine look, and for those who aspire towards the body of a fitness model (leaning towards visible abs), the protein-dominant approach is for you.


About 40-50% of people with the protein-fueled macro type don’t need to worry about what they eat with painstaking detail, as they can gain muscle mass and lose weight with relative ease. The biggest challenge for this eating style tends to be getting enough protein from lean sources. If you are used to eating whole eggs, this doesn’t mean you have to cut them out, it means you need to pay attention to their fat content. Fats add up quickly in certain types of protein. You should limit foods like red meat, fatty fish, and nuts to modest portion sizes, and make foods like egg whites, lean chicken, fish, turkey, and protein supplements the major staples in your day. 

This combination gives the protein-fueled macro type the capacity to achieve fantastic definition. The challenge for this macro type is they can gain weight just as easily as they can lose it. While this may not seem like an insurmountable problem, it can sneak up on you if you get complacent. This macro type tends to store fat relatively evenly, which is why fat gain tends to creep up unnoticed for a while, because this type doesn’t tend to have a “belly,” even when slightly overweight. There are genetic exceptions, however. 




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