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Paleo Edition - MT3 - Protein Fueled/Low Carb

Paleo Edition - MT3 - Protein Fueled/Low Carb
Paleo Edition - MT3 - Protein Fueled/Low Carb
Paleo Edition - MT3 - Protein Fueled/Low Carb
Paleo Edition - MT3 - Protein Fueled/Low Carb
Paleo Edition - MT3 - Protein Fueled/Low Carb
Paleo Edition - MT3 - Protein Fueled/Low Carb
Paleo Edition - MT3 - Protein Fueled/Low Carb
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The 6WeekShred® for your macro type is a new and improved do it yourself meal plan group challenge designed to support an increased rate of fat loss for women. It is important that you first take the quiz to confirm your correct macro type before processing your order.
The program macros work well for 80-90% of people with 25 lbs or less to lose or for those who want a jump start. There are instructions on how to adjust the macros to your personalized needs if required; however, most people can follow it as written and do very well. This plan was written for those with a BMR in the range of 1400 to 1700 for women but can serve as a jumpstart if yours is higher and has detailed instructions on how to adjust if your BMR falls outside of this range. 

This program also provides meal planning calendars, detailed grocery lists, recipes, meal prep notes for every meal, community support, a substitution guide, and all of the tools necessary to support a lifestyle change.
This program is NOT custom. The 6WeekShred® programs are not advised for pregnant or nursing women. 

ALL Programs are Non-Refundable, and ALL sales are FINAL.

Due to the nature of our digital downloads and upon purchasing, you will have immediate access to our copyrighted and proprietary material. They are deemed “used” after download or opening.  Also, once downloaded, it remains in your possession forever. 

The digital product allows you up to 5 downloads. We recommend saving a permanent copy of this file to iBook’s, Google Drive, or Dropbox for future reference; OR you can get them printed out, e.g., Staples, Office Max, etc.




PROTEIN FUELED LOW CARB approach to your nutrition is recommended (MACRO TYPE #3)

This approach is ideal for those who struggle to stick to the traditional “fitness competitor/bodybuilder” nutrition plan due to the low-fat content. If you fall into this category, you may not yet be at the point where you need medication to support hormone imbalances with respect to estrogen, progesterone, insulin, or thyroid issues, but you are beginning to notice inflammation, fatigue, or brain fog when you consume higher levels of carbs. Some clues that you may have a lower carb tolerance: you’ll notice you feel more satiated eating whole eggs as opposed to egg whites, chicken thighs as opposed to chicken breast, and you feel the need to have slightly higher levels of healthy fats in your meals to keep your appetite under control. This macro type tends to store their body fat evenly or in the lower half. 

As a Protein Fueled, Low Carb Macro Type, you may suspect your metabolism is beginning to slow-down with age or hormone shifts. This does not mean your metabolism is shot by any means, but you observe a higher sensitivity to inflammatory foods like gluten, grains, dairy, soy, and perhaps even select veggies. You may have been diagnosed with an auto-immune disease and you may have days when you feel an overall sense of sluggishness that can’t be cured with a cup of coffee. This is also for those who are beginning to experience irregular periods with respect to duration and cycle length but not necessarily missing periods. 

When I think of the best nutrition plan for the Protein Fueled, Low Carb macro type, I think of meals with fatty protein sources (like salmon, eggs, or chicken thighs), lots of veggies, and smaller portions of starchy carbs (~ 2 to 3oz or less per meal). While you can consume these fatty proteins for any Macro Type, these things tend to be a staple that this type is drawn to for its increased satiety effect.

Many people who need a lower carb approach to lose weight often try the most extreme, restrictive version and give up. Even if you have a lower carb tolerance, you still need carbs. This eating style is about curating the correct foods to navigate your macros according to goals and re-learning how to assemble fulfilling and satisfying meals. You may be relieved to learn that you can still consume carbs in moderation, but keep in mind that you can’t afford to take extended breaks where you eat anything you want, as it will get harder and harder to keep your body fat down with age. 

If you’re this category, your margin of error is much smaller than the other macro types. If you don’t keep your macros dialed in, you will experience prolonged plateaus. If you have a healthy, but slightly declining metabolism and are starting to experience carb tolerance issues, this is by far the most effective approach to lean out.

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