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Paleo Edition - MT4 - Fat Fueled

Paleo Edition - MT4 - Fat Fueled
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The 6WeekShred® for your macro type is a new and improved do it yourself meal plan group challenge designed to support an increased rate of fat loss for women. It is important that you first take the quiz to confirm your correct macro type before processing your order.
The program macros work well for 80-90% of people with 25 lbs or less to lose or for those who want a jump start. There are instructions on how to adjust the macros to your personalized needs if required; however, most people can follow it as written and do very well. This plan was written for those with a BMR in the range of 1400 to 1700 for women but can serve as a jumpstart if yours is higher and has detailed instructions on how to adjust if your BMR falls outside of this range. 

This program also provides meal planning calendars, detailed grocery lists, recipes, meal prep notes for every meal, community support, a substitution guide, and all of the tools necessary to support a lifestyle change.
This program is NOT custom. The 6WeekShred® programs are not advised for pregnant or nursing women. 

ALL Programs are Non-Refundable, and ALL sales are FINAL.

Due to the nature of our digital downloads and upon purchasing, you will have immediate access to our copyrighted and proprietary material. They are deemed “used” after download or opening.  Also, once downloaded, it remains in your possession forever. 

The digital product allows you up to 5 downloads. We recommend saving a permanent copy of this file to iBook’s, Google Drive, or Dropbox for future reference; OR you can get them printed out, e.g., Staples, Office Max, etc.




FAT FUELED approach to your nutrition is recommended (MACRO TYPE #4)

I have found this to be the most neglected Macro Type, teeming with individuals who have been left feeling STUCK when it comes to their health. There are exceptions, but most Fat Fueled Macro Types are naturally pear-shaped or apple-shaped, and carry most of their weight in their lower half or torso. You may have been overweight for most of your life, or you may have come to a point where you stopped losing fat due to a medical condition. You tend to do better on lower carb eating plans, but this does not mean you need to do a ketogenic diet. If your goal is weight loss and you have experienced any of these conditions, you most likely need to reduce carbs and increase fat. 

This plan is excellent for those with a slower metabolism, moderately low carb tolerance, and/or slightly compromised hormonal function, who are desperately trying to drop body fat in a way that doesn’t make you feel like you are perpetually starving. This approach is higher in healthy fats, moderate in protein, and moderately low in carbs. While many people need this type of approach, it is not a well-defined diet niche because it is not extremely low fat, like what bodybuilders eat, and it’s not extremely high fat, like the keto diet. 

Think of restored internal health as the first priority, with fat loss as the second priority. If you are sick and tired of feeling exhausted, hungry, burnt out, and have absolutely no idea how to balance a plate, this nutrition plan is for you. You are at the point where you only know what DOES NOT work and have zero idea how to carve out a path that does. You may be experiencing perimenopause, you may have PCOS, you may be on medication for your hormones, and you may have pre-diabetes but do not want to commit to a ketogenic approach because you need something more sustainable. 

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