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Basic Membership

Basic Membership
$69.00 USD

Your Basic Lifeline by GGT Membership includes:

- Set up and membership Fees ($99) - WAIVED

- Custom Macros. Questionnaire must be completed.

- Customized Macros in 5-7 Business Days from the date of purchase.

- Monthly Macro Evaluation, as needed. Questionnaire must be completed.  Please NOTE: no mid-month macro adjustments, and no macro adjustments for one month membership

- Access to NEW Monthly Universal Sample Meal Plans

- Access to the NEW Macro Tracking App

- Access to the NEW Recipe Database (1000+ Recipes)

- 3x a Week Workouts

- 1x a Week Yoga Flow

- Access to the NEW GGT LIVE Workout Archives to play -back any workout at any time!

- GGT Verified Nutrition Database confirmed by the USDA

- Compatible with Fitness Trackers (FitBit, Apple Watch, & Garmin)

- Progress Tracking Stats

- Weekly LIVE Zoom Q&A’s with Christine

- Exclusive Lifeline Membership Private FB Group

IMPORTANT: All programs are Non-Refundable and Non-Exchangeable. 

Membership is not transferrable. 

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