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Basic Membership

Basic Membership
$99.00 USD

Your Basic Lifeline by GGT Membership includes:

- Set up and membership Fees ($99) - WAIVED

- Custom Macros. Questionnaire must be completed. We will prepare your custom macros based on your answers to your questionnaire.  

- Customized Macros in 3-5 Business Days from the date of purchase.

- Monthly Macro Evaluation, as needed. Questionnaire must be completed. 

NOTE: Please carefully read and complete the questionnaire as once it is submitted to us, it CANNOT be re-adjusted to accommodate for changes as our nutrition team already spent some time reviewing and creating your program. For this reason, you will have to wait for the next monthly evaluation, provided you purchase at least 3-month membership. There will be no mid-month adjustments; and no adjustments for one month membership

- Access to NEW Monthly Universal Sample Meal Plans

- Access to the NEW Macro Tracking App

- Access to the NEW Recipe Database 

- 3x a Week Workouts

- Access to the NEW GGT LIVE Workout Archives to play -back any workout at any time!

- GGT Verified Nutrition Database confirmed by the USDA

- Compatible with Fitness Trackers (FitBit, Apple Watch, & Garmin)

- Progress Tracking Stats

- Weekly LIVE Zoom Q&A’s with Christine

- Exclusive Lifeline Membership Private FB Group

IMPORTANT: All programs are Non-Refundable and Non-Exchangeable. 

MONTHLY MACROS EVALUATION: We recommend filling in a new Monthly Basic Evaluation Form by the 12th of each month if your weight has changed by 7 pounds or more.

This form is located in our website:

Membership is not transferrable. 

For more details, please click here:


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