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PRE-SALE!!! Introducing SIGNATURE, the New & Improved Custom Meal Plan from Gauge Girl Training!
This new offer is a completely redesigned program available for the first time in PHYSICAL form for shipping! You can now physically touch your printed custom meal plan built to your exact macros and food preferences.
With our New Signature Custom Meal Plan Box comes with a customized 3-ring binder complete with your Your profile, the Blueprint laid out to provide a successful weight loss journey, Your Menus and Grocery Lists, Travel Tips to help you manage your macros on travel, a complete list of Substitutions and exactly how to use them with detailed examples, Your Planner AND FREE GIFTS (available with all purchases from 11/25 to 12/2)!

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All versions of our bestselling Do It Yourself meal plans, The 6WeekShred™.

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All versions of our Popular DIY 12 Week Body Type Training plans!

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