Working Mom Trains for a Bikini Competition and gets in the best shape of her life!

Program: 6 Week Online Coaching & 12 Week Bikini Contest Prep

Client: Gloria

Age: 35

Height: 5’4″

Contest Weight: 115

This amazing woman is not only an amazing mother and wife, but a truly beautiful person inside and out. She first started with a 6 week online coaching program in the efforts to improve her physique and “one day” train for a fitness competition. A few months after our first program together she had the courage to sign up for her first bikini competition in her hometown and gave it 200% effort as she placed in the top 5 of a very competitive show for a first time competitor. She believed in her abilities and made zero excuses and although it was hard, she proved to herself that she always had it in her. This is only part of her full fitness transformation however this image represents her time she spent training with Gauge Girl Training :)

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