NYU Student sheds the Freshman 15 by competing in her first bikini competition

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Client: Alexandra

Age: 22

Height: 5’4″

Before Weight: 121

Contest Weight: 108

Alex’s Story:

“Heading off to college is an overwhelming experience for any young girl. A time of exploration in unknown territory and of yourself. 4 years ago, I headed off to New York University, a school with the added pressures of living in a big city. My reaction to the stress became destructive as I mistreated my body by under eating and over partying. Eventually something clicked and I decided to make a change. Falling in love with fitness was the first step, little did I know it’d later become my career and my life.

After months of quietly living the bodybuilding lifestyle I decided to bite the bullet and register for my first competition. I was determined to reach my goals but needed some help in the planning department. Living the fit lifestyle is one thing, but training for a competition is a whole different beast.

After researching various coaches I decided to work with Christine, not only for her personal knowledge as a nationally qualified competitor, but for her background in chemical engineering and food science. Being a part of gauge girl training has transformed my body and my outlook on the sport. I’m so excited to continue pursuing my dreams in fitness and have Christine to thank for not only her incredible meal/training plans but for her support and love as a coach along the way. ”


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