Med School Student Challenges Herself to a Bikini Competition

Client: Jackie


Height: 5’7”

Before Weight: 138

Contest Weight: 126

Jackie’s Story:

For as long as I can remember, I’ve put a smile on and played the role of a confident career-minded woman on the path to becoming a doctor. Even when I got into medical school, it still felt like an act: I was uncomfortable, unsure of myself, never stood in front of a mirror, pulled yoga pants up high to hide my belly, wore loose-fitting shirts and was just in general, unhappy with how I looked. When I stepped on stage after 16 weeks of bikini competition prep with Christine, I knew I was a different person. The woman in the before picture is gone, and I am so blessed that I had this opportunity to work with Christine and Gauge Girl Training – she was with me every step of the way, never let me doubt myself, kept me accountable and motivated me whenever I needed it – and boy did I need it some days! It was a lot harder than I thought – the weights kept getting heavier, the cardio sessions got longer, the diet got stricter… but in the end, every minute was worth it: I feel great in my own skin, my clothes fit and I’m able to enjoy each day with more energy and vigor than before. Thanks to the entire team and thank you Christine! 

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