Interview with NPC National Bikini Competitor Danielle Eagle- Single Working Mother Success Story

Client: Danielle Eagle

Height: 5’3”

Contest Weight: 112lbs

Off Season Weight: 126lbs

Occupation: Procedure Medical Assistant

Q: When did you have your son?

A:  I had my son in June 2008

Q: How has motherhood changed the way you view your body?

A: I have always been pretty lucky as far as my metabolism goes and being on the thinner side. Even in my pregnancy I only gained 20lbs. But there is a difference between being skinny vs fit.

Q: What got you into working out and eating healthy?

A: I honestly didn’t like the way I felt. I always felt tired and wasn’t eating good at all. Constantly sucking in because I had what I called my Lyric 6 o’clock shadow and couldn’t stand it. It was summer time and I happen to have a friend whom had done shows. She had a 6 pack and I was so jealous. I knew I had to do something.

Q: What made you decide to do a bikini competition?

A: I knew I needed a change and so I set a goal for myself. So I got my mind right and went full throttle into it. I’ve always been told that when I want something bad enough you better get out of my way :)

Q: How you do manage to your time between eating healthy, working out, working full-time, and taking take of your son?

A: Luckily I used every resource given to me.  I have a fantastic support system in my family so it helped a tad. I work full time so when I would go to the gym I would take my son to the kids club which he loves and I was able to get a good workout in. I would take advantage of any free time. I would do twice a days if possible, my apartment gym if needed and the park.  Anywhere I could fit a workout in I did it. I always prepped my meals Sunday/Wednesdays. I’m super blessed that my son is a healthy eater like me but I never deprived him. If needed I prepped his food along side mine. I allowed myself to have zero excuses and always held myself accountable. I think when you want something bad enough you find a way!

Q: How do you manage stress?

A: I always relieved my stress in the gym. It’s definitely not easy being a single mother, full time employee and full time mother. But you learn to manage it all.

Q: What tips/advice would you offer to other mothers interested in achieving a transformation like yours?

A: Anything and everything is possible.  But you have to give it your all. Cause as a single mother or mother in general you have to learn to juggle your time wisely. It’s not easy and you will have times where you question yourself but in the end it is completely worth every second of it.

Q: What are your major goals for the future?

A: My goal from here is mission pro card :). I’m in off season right now because I’m looking to gain more muscle. I do not go into anything that I know I can’t give 110%. The gym is my second home. Fitness is a lifestyle so I continue to stay focused and on track. National show bound because I’m motivated by my desire to not stop until my goal is reached. My son pushes me everyday and if I have learned anything from this process it’s that I am so proud to set such an amazing example for a healthy/fit lifestyle for my child. He like myself can’t wait to hit the gym everyday :)


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