19 Year Old Pursues the “Fit Life”

Program: 12 week Online Coaching

Client: Nely

Age: 19

Height: 5’7”

Before Weight: 142

After Weight: 129

Nely’s Testimonial:

I’ve always visioned myself doing something out of the “ordinary.” I always wanted to have an amazing physique, abs, muscle, etc. Though I never thought that would be possible. As soon as I graduated high school I slowly started to follow fitness people on Instagram and started searching online on how to become healthier and even signed up at a gym. I was never overweight (my heaviest 170lbs.) I always kept myself active but i was considered the skinny fat. Looked “good”on clothes but wasn’t comfortable without it. After really seeing peoples amazing transformations I decided to one day compete in the bikini division. I told myself “you have until you’re 21 to do this, this is something that requires time, money, hardcore dedication and at the moment you don’t have money.. So that’s issue money. I can just wait. Plus you won’t never be able to lose the stomach you were born with it” excuse. Something in me told me that if I started now by the age of 21 I could probably have my pro-card! I still would laugh at myself for thinking such thing. Though I was tired of feeling uncomfortable with myself so I decided to change and not wait until I was 21. At the age of 18 I did I got myself 3 jobs, juggled school, time, some family time and money all at the same time. At first I seriously thought I was just wasting my time and money there was no way I would ever look like those top models. I had very minimal support from family, lost my so what called “friends”, it was basically myself. Motivating my self day in and day out to not give up and trust the process. During the course of these 12 weeks I can say I’ve experienced a lot. Competition is NOT easy requires a lot of mental, emotional and physical preparation. There was many times were I would binge crazy (knowing I couldn’t and shouldn’t) then I would beat myself about it the next day, would cry at night, would cry during cardio and would want to give up thinking this wasn’t for me. But I realized that we are all humans we will have our downfall moments but what makes us stronger is being able to get up and keep going, and that’s what I did. I had a million and one reasons to quit during the process but after seeing results, progress pictures getting better by the weeks, having amazing support from Christine, putting soo much work at the gym, avoiding temptations and finally seeing abs (Something I never thought would happen) I knew that this was for me! Now at the age of 19, I plan to really make it far in the bodybuilding world. I still find it very hard to believe that I am on prep for my first bikini competition.. But I know that if I changed my lifestyle in 12 weeks I can do anything I set my mind into. I got myself into something many won’t last.. And I am proud of how far I’ve gone and this will only be the beginning for me. Never doubt yourself. Everything is possible. Set goals and make them come true! 

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