Endomorph HOME Training Plan for Women


Endomorphs usually carry their weight in the lower abdomen, hips, and thighs rather than evenly distributed throughout the body. Endomorphs typically have a difficult time losing fat with diet alone, so a well-rounded fitness program is a must for the endomorph.  Building muscle comes easily for endomorphs; however, a slower metabolism and extra body fat make it much harder for endomorphs to stay lean.

This training guide addresses training, cardio, and provides overall guidance on how to make real changes for the endomorph body type in this specialized training guide that can be carried out in the privacy of your own home!


Achieve maximum results in the gym for the endomorph body type with this specialized training program. This program is ideal to follow for 4-8 weeks at a time for those who wish to train at home.

For questions on what your specific body type is, watch this youtube video for confirmation or email a photo to bodytype@gaugegirltraining.com:


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