Sizzlefish Seafood Sauté Recipe

Need some variety in your meal plan? If you are already stretched for time and coming up with a creative new twist on your meals is just one more thing on the list thats not going to happen, try this approach to meal prep. For my personal physique goals, I tend to shop at a variety of grocery stores such as Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, and Costco. However, I recently started taking my grocery shopping online when I was introduced to a relatively new company called Sizzlefish.

They deliver a variety of seafood options direct to your door with fast and free shipping. They offer several packages that you can get on a subscription basis so it’s delivered to you every month without you having to schedule of think about it. I use these items in my meal prep when I want a little something different from the main economy options I purchase on a regular basis. I am currently using the sizzlefish Paleo Prime Package* and came up with this simple, yet delicious recipe!

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-2 x 4oz. Haddock Filets

-2 x 4oz. Sablefish Filets

-2 x 4oz. Cod Filets

-12 chopped Trader Joes Shishito Peppers

-5 cloves Chopped Garlic

-3 TBSP Coconut Aminos

– 1 Lime

-Kasandrinos Olive Oil (in a MISTO or an aerosol olive oil spray)


1.) Preheat the oven to 350F.

2.) Lighty spray the tray with olive oil from a MISTO

3.) Place defrosted fish on tray and lightly season with sea salt and lime

4.) Bake at 350F for 20-25 min.

5.) Place 5 cloves of chopped garlic in a saute pan that has been lightly coated with olive oil spray. Use just enough to ensure the garlic is covered so it doesn’t burn.

6.) Turn stove on to high and chop and add 12 mini shishito peppers (Trader Joes) or pepper of your choice. Squeeze half a lime of the mixture, then add the cooked fish, one piece at a time and gently break the fish apart with the spatula inside the plan so the fish naturally flakes apart.  Squeeze the other half of the lime on the fish, then add the coconut aminos.

7.) Stir-fry for 2-3 minutes. Makes 6 x 4oz portions*

*photo is shown with 6 chopped cherry tomatoes and 2 extra shisito peppers cooked on skillet for 2-3 minutes with a light spray of olive oil spray. The macros below do not include these items.

Nutrition Facts (per ~4oz. serving)

Calories: 206 kCal

Fat (g):9

Carbohydrates (g): 5

Protein (g): 23

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