Female Fat Loss By Body Type

Female Fat Loss By Body Type

Today we’re talking about fat loss for the different body types. Today we are talking about how this specifically applies to women and their fat loss goals. Before we get started it’s important to identify the fact that there are three main body types and depending on what body type you are, it’s going to impact how you gain weight, how you lose weight, and what your body ends up looking like to reach your specific goals. So, everyone is born with an inherited skeletal structure and body composition. A lot of nutritionists, trainers, doctors, and other healthcare professions will actually use this information about your body type or somatotype to help guide you in creating a customized meal plan, training regimen and adapting these things about your specific body type and shape to help you reach your goals. So, lets break down the three body types.

There are mesomorphs, endomorphs and ectomorphs. Most people may not perfectly fit into one category, you might be a combination of both. But, for the most part you can place yourself primarily in one category to help give us tools and extra things that are going to guide how to support your fitness goals. For example, we’re going to start with the case of the endomorph. Very classic case of the endomorph is somebody with a Kim Kardashian body type. Endomorphs tend to have a smooth round body, large to medium bone structure, small shoulders and shorter limbs. They tend to cover their weight in the lower abdomen, hips and thighs instead of being evenly distributed throughout the body. Endomorphs have a difficult time losing fat with diet alone so a well rounded fitness program is important.

If you’re an endomorph you can’t be one of the people who can just diet your way to success. The training is going to have a very big impact on your physique. If you’re an endomorph. You can’t just avoid the gym all together and just eat salad and sit in the corner. They must stay in motion just about everyday and fight that urge to completely chill out…Watch our YouTube Video to Find Out More

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